Audio samples

Here are some samples of Ray's material - starting with five tracks from his first CD Ridin' Solo - using the acoustic banjo, electric banjo, flute, concertina and piccolo, plus a couple of additional concertina tracks:

  1. Acoustic banjo: Jasper's jig
  2. Electric banjo: Toast in the video
  3. Flute: O'Connell's farewell
  4. Concertina: 29th of May / Jacky Tar
  5. Piccolo: Princess Royal (Irish air)
  6. Concertina: Squirrel in a tree
  7. Concertina: Bosham polka / Da Guizer's march

Special feature:  A 10-minute audio item with commentary and played examples. It makes the case that the 5-string banjo, strongly associated these days with American music, is highly suitable for the traditional music of the British isles:

  1. Banjo feature

Five-string English:  To further illustrate Ray's use of the 5-string banjo for English music, here are some more tracks, starting with a full version of the tune that starts the special feature above:

  1. Princess Royal x2
  2. When daylight shines
  3. Bonny green garters / Bean setting (banjeurine)
  4. 29th of May / Cocking the chafer
  5. Shepherd's Hey / Monks' march (banjeurine)
  6. Stick dance / Month of May
  7. Young Collins / Hunt the squirrel / Old Molly Oxford
  8. Little stack of wheat / Roxborough Castle